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  • Exogenous ketones – essentially mimics the ketogenic diet by providing the body with an external source of ketonesCan further elevate ketone levels while on the ketogenic dietCan put someone into ketosis without necessarily following a ketogenic diet
  • Dom takes Kegenix and Pruvit Keto OS products that mix beta hydroxybutyrat (BHB – a type of ketone produced by our liver) salt with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) powderThe MCTs delays gastric absorption and further boosts ketone levels
  • It’s been estimated that per every millimolar of BHB in your blood, it gives your brain about a 10% boost in energyTherefore, exogenous ketone supplementation can help keep you alert when you’re running on minimal sleep
  • The exogenous ketones you buy are derived from natural sourcesThere’s a D and L form of BHB, a mixture of the two is known as “racemic”The D form is more likely to be broken down and used as a source of energyThe L form tends to stick around more within the cell, has anti-inflammatory props
  • Can you get the same benefits of a ketogenic diet by following a standard American diet and supplementing with exogenous ketones?Not at this time with the exogenous ketones supplements that are commerically available.The more carbohydrates you consume, the more ketones you need to reap the benefits.With various ketone esters that are in development, maybe


  • Precision Xtra – gold standardUse these lancets these test strips
  • Ketonix Breathalyzer


  • Type II diabetes results from a carbohydrate intoleranceOur government spends around $200 billion annually on managing Type II diabetesPeople who suffer from Type II diabetes, should be on the ketogenic dietCheck our Virta Health who is using nutrition to manage Type II Diabetes
  • People are beginning to put dogs on the ketogenic dietCheck out the Ketopet Sanctuary which implements a ketogenic diet in dogs with cancerIf you look on a package of dog food, carbohydrates won’t be listed, even though it’s the primary componentIdeally dog’s should be eating whole+raw foods, organ meat, and greens…not carbohydrate based dog foodCheck out the Ketopet Sanctuary free ebook
  • Glucose Transporter Type 1 (GLUT-1) Deficiency patients have severe hypoglycemia within the brain. This causes seizures and lack of mobility. The ketogenic diet completely reverses their symptoms.
  • As it turns out, the ketogenic diet serves as a metabolic therapy for pediatric epilepsy as wellCheck out Mike Dancer – only the ketogenic diet stopped his seizuresThere are now ~150-200 clinics worldwide that serve as ketogenic diet therapy clinics for seizures, but most commonly, drugs are used first
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: What if Their Was a Cure: The Story of Ketones by Dr. Mary NewportAs mentioned before: Many people have an impaired PHD enzyme (Pyruvate Dehyrogenase), such as people with Alzeimer’s Disease. This enzyme helps convert pyruvate (which gets converted from glucose) into acetyl CoA which is in turn used to make ATP. Ketones, on the other hand, completely bypass this conversion step.
  • Exogenous ketones reduced anxiety behavior in rats
  • Ketones function as signaling molecules that inhibit inflammatory processes
  • MigrainesClinical trials on using ketone salts for migrainesAlso works with nutritional ketosisMigraines are possibly linked to neuro-inflammationOther data shows migraines are possibly linked to mini seizures in the brain
  • There are quite a few studies being done on autism and the ketogenic diet
  • Being in a state of nutritional ketosis could really benefit HIV and shingles patients
  • Ketones improve wound healingKetones thin out the blood (increases blood flow), and are able to get to the wound tissue which is lacking oxygen/blood flow. The ketones restore energy to the wound site (allow cells to replicate and heal the wound faster). Also persistant anti-inflammatory effects.With just exogenous ketones, the wound healing rate increases ~25%
  • Check out The Charlie Foundation

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"A lot of folks have asked what brand of ketogenic supplement I've talked about on the podcast, and this is it. I don't have any financial interest whatsoever in this company and I don't know anyone that works there. This isn't in any way shape or form a paid ad, I just enjoy this stuff and I want to promote a company that makes an excellent product. It's called kegenix and you can read all about how it works and why it's great for you at their website http://kegenix.com. I like to mix it up with some instant alpha brain from @onnit. Makes for a delicious drink and gives me a ton of energy. I've tried a couple of their flavor a but I really prefer wild berry.#getonnit"

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