Check out our Facebook Live video with the FitKetoGirls where they talk about taking Kegenix, how to gain muscle mass & much more while implementing a keto lifestyle!

FitKetoGirls love Kegenix!

"We both use the product 1-2 times a day to boost energy and help improve our performance in the gym. Typically we take the product 1-2 hours before we train and then again mid afternoon on a empty stomach. #weloveketones" -Liz and Jane

"Kegenix PRIME is a huge part in keeping me on track, and living a ketogenic lifestyle!
It allows me to power through my workouts, listen to my body’s true hunger levels, supress carb cravings, and stay in ketosis (my happy place).
PRIME is a staple in my diet and I don’t leave the house without it."
-Liz Williams of

"I knew I loved Kegenix when I started implementing Keto Meal Ketone Meal Replacement (especially the vanilla flavor) into my daily routine.
There isn’t anything better than not having to make or think about what you’re going eat next." - Liz Williams

"We kept things 90% keto and used Kegenix Prime to fast most of the day and to help keep us in ketosis after a little too much wine and some well deserved (and totally worth it) Cajun fries. Which shockingly was Danny's first “cheat meal” since starting keto in January." - Liz Williams 

FitKetoGirls was founded because they saw the amazing impact that living this lifestyle had on our not only their physical health, but their confidence and emotional well beings.

They know the internal power that comes from having a strong, capable, and healthy body and wanted to share that with as many women as possible.

FitKetoGirls Mission:
To empower women to develop their strength, both physical and mental, and then go set the world on fire!

Meet the FitKetoGirls!

Liz Williams is co-founder of the ketogenic lifestyle blog Fit Keto Girls, and is strongly committed to promoting health and wellness. Liz is an inspiration to thousands, and is a woman of action. She shares her experiences on her popular Instagram account @thefittrainerswife. Her book includes over 100 easy weeknight meals, all KETO FRIENDLY!

Q: When should you use exogenous ketones, Liz Williams

1: When first adapting into ketosis, it can help with the keto flu. Supplying your body with exogenous ketones (EK) can help fill in that gap where there is not enough blood glucose for your bodily tissues and your body is not producing enough ketones. EK can give you extra energy to help you transition, and can act as a trigger to tell your body that EK's should be it's primary source of energy.

2: Ketones are an appetite suppressor and can help fight hunger during intermittent fasting. Ketones help to re-balance your blood sugar, leptin, and ghrelin, which can all cause increased hunger and cravings.

3. When the body is low on glucose, it can use up to 70% of its energy from ketones. If your wanting increased brain functioning, EK can be the way to go.

Thank you, Liz Williams

Hi, I’m Jane Downes. I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I live in Costa Rica. I work mostly online, but I also coach here at a few hotels and a crossfit gym. Liz and I started Keto Fit Girls over a year ago. We have meal plans and workout guides; as well as some challenges.

During our Facebook Live with FitKetoGirls you’ll discover:

-What supplements should I use on the keto diet?…[6:50]

-How to gain muscle mass while on the keto diet?..…[8:46]

-Can you drink Kegenix before bed?…[10:02]

-Keto with thyroid disease…[11:00]

-The Ketogenic Diet…[13:12]

-Liz’s favorite recipes…[12:00] 

-Do you (FitKetoGirls) have any other challenges coming up?…[12:35] 

-Is there any way to avoid discomfort while drinking bulletproof coffee?…[16:49] 

-And much more!

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