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 -The unique technology the Gary and Rob licensed from Dominic D. Agostino…[9:30] 

-Why you would want combine MCT oil with exogenous ketones…[11:00]

-The patent that Gary and Rob hold on “Compositions and methods for producing elevated and sustained ketosis”…[14:30]

-How to raise blood ketones and lower blood glucose at the same time…[50:18]

 -If there are any health risks to having blood ketones and blood glucose simultaneously elevated…[24:25] 

-Why wouldn’t you just fast and limit carbohydrates to get into ketosis…[28:45] -Why Rob and Gary added BHB Quad Salts with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) to Kegenix Prime…[34:40] 

-The reasoning behind the different salt forms of beta-hydroxybutyrate in Keto Meal (e.g. cal, mag, potassium, etc.)…[37:50] 

-Why Kegenix does not use ketone esters in its products…[45:45] 

-Why Rob and Gary added AAKG (known for its ability to increase nitric oxide production) with glucuronolactone to Keto Spray…[47:50] 

-Rob and Gary’s take is your take on exogenous ketone dosing in terms of how much, how often, what time of day and why…[53:40] 

-How to measure your levels of ketosis…[57:25] -And much more!

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"Most ketone supplements taste pretty terrible. Regardless, exogenous ketones have a host of advantages, including enhancing longevity, can shut down free radical production in the brain, increase your focus, suppress your appetite and much more. You don't even need to be on a strict ketogenic diet to get these benefits.

This brand of exogenous ketones, Kegenix uses all natural flavoring (read: Stevia) for their supplements and it tastes...amazing. Vanilla. Chocolate. Lemon. You pick. I have no idea how they make it so delicious, but I do know it's clean." -Ben Greenfield

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