Our fat-burning mocha iced coffee is full of ketones and collagen, which are going to help fuel your brain, curb your cravings for carbs, and suppress your appetite!

What you will need:

8oz of your favorite coffee 

1 scoop/pouch of chocolate Keto Meal 

1 serving of collagen peptides (we like Vital Proteins)

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

Ice cubes (OR to keep your iced coffee strong, freeze leftover coffee in an ice cube tray the day prior.)

*Optional: Add heavy whipping cream to taste. (This can easily be paleo by subbing out the cream for canned coconut milk.)

** If you don't drink coffee, you can substitute it for Crio Bru, a great coffee alternative.

***You can also add MCT oil if you are looking to add more fat into your diet. Start with 1/2 tbsp, and work your way up to 1 full tbsp.  

How to make this recipe:

Brew 8 ounces of hot coffee.

Blend hot coffee with Keto Meal, collagen, and almond milk until smooth. 

Grab your cup you filled with ice, then pour the mixture inside.

For extra richness, add heavy whipping cream to taste and stir!

Approximate macros:

Calories: 344

Carbs: 11 g

Fat: 22 g

Protein: 30 g


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