What you will need:

1 pouch (or scoop) of Lemon Twist Kegenix PRIME 🍋
1 bottle (~16oz) of water
~3 squirts (or to taste) of 0 carb "liquid water enhancer" in Raspberry Lemonade flavor
+Optional: Take things up a notch and sprinkle a few fresh raspberries on top!

How to make it:
Mix your Lemon Twist PRIME as normal; 1 scoop/pouch to roughly 16 ounces of water.
Once the PRIME is well mixed, add roughly 3 squirts of your Raspberry Lemonade flavoring (or to taste, this is just what we recommend).

Stir and enjoy! I hope everyone brought their sunglasses because the sun isn't the only thing shining at this pool party!

Approximate macros:
Fat: 3.5g
Net carbs: 1.5g
Protein: .5g
Calories: 63

Hope you enjoyed this recipe! For more, check out Kegenix Kitchen under the "learn" tab on our website- I'll link it here for you!

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