Check out this incredible transformation from Kegenix customer Ray of Sparta Station Athletics!

"I’ve always worked out, but never did any proper meal and macro work.

So I started CrossFit in June of 2016 and loved the competition everyday at Sparta Station Athletics. But after a year I was in great shape, but no abs. As they say, "Abs are created in the kitchen."

I never believed it.

So I started meal prepping and [taking] Real Ketones, and within 90 days, I had a six-pack of abs.

In January [ of 2018], I competed in Wodapalooza, a big CrossFit competition, after only doing CrossFit for a year and a half, at 41 years old.

Also, [I] used my Ignite by Kegenix before each event."

"For that extra burst of power and energy I used the Kegenix products" - Ray P.

Ray has also been featured in Readers Digest, check out the article below! 

14 of the Most Impressive Keto Diet Before-and-After Pictures

"Raymond Pirrello Jr. had made many of the best healthy-living choices: He was a gym regular; he had even joined a CrossFit gym in his hometown of Sparta, NJ; he was also a careful eater. However, the 41-year-old financial marketer wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. “I tried everything, including a visit to the doctor as I thought my testosterone levels were off,” he says. “The doctor simply said that my testosterone was fine, but I just had really bad genes.”

"Pirrello wasn’t going to take that response lying down. His cousin, who happened to work with a ketone supplement company, turned him onto the keto diet, and his story changed: With a significant diet refocus, Pirrello has been able to tone his body, drop weight, and find endless energy for his many intense CrossFit workouts. “The best part was having more energy and overall health improvement,” he says. “I went from the top 50 percent in CrossFit to the top ten percent in the nation, and I owe it all to the change I made with keto because everything else stayed the same.” 

Incredible transformation Ray! Keep it up, you look amazing!

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