Meet Karen Anderson (Coach K)!

Coach K is all about fitness, food, fashion, Fenway (her dog), and keeping it real. She’s a former CrossFit affiliate owner for 7 years turned online fitness and nutrition coach. She’s dabbled in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, endurance racing, and competitive bodybuilding. At current, her new found love is skiing. Straight up she enjoys living the fit life with her dog, Fenway in Colorado, and bringing balanced fitness and nutrition to her clients worldwide.

"If you’re on a keto diet or you’re interested in starting one then I highly suggest keeping a supply of Kegenix on hand. This stuff seriously makes me feel superhuman. I take it only on days where I am working out in the morning, (hot yoga, trail running, or OrangeTheory), or on mornings after a cheat meal... Or if for some other reason I wake up feeling like 💩. Last week for example: I had one glass of 🍷 and the next day I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I took one scoop of Prime mixed with ice water and within an hour I was ready to smash an @orangetheory workout, keeping a faster “base pace” than I’ve ever held before @ 7.5."  -Coach K

Here are some Tips & Tricks from Coach K herself! 

How do you recover from a cheat meal?
"First things first, you are always only one meal away from getting back on track.
Second of all, drink WATER. If you’re not already drinking about 1/2 your body weight in ounces, up to 1+ gallon a day — start there!
And third, duh, I sip on Kegenix Prime first thing in the morning following a cheat meal." - Coach K

How do you eat low carb/keto on the go?

"Easy. Running into a grocery store to grab some deli meat, shredded chicken, cheese, or nuts takes just as much time as it does sitting in a drive thru, awaiting impending shame and regret. 

Seriously though, don’t overthink it. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Eating low carb OUT is the same as eating low carb IN. Establish your snack staples and you can easily incorporate them into any long or short travel or road trip." - Coach K 

 How do you stay lean and stick to a low carb diet without completely derailing?

"I’m a big goal setter and I have a big mouth. Therefore, I tend to make it known what I’m setting my mind to ... it’s like instant accountability. We’re all here on this social media platform now, right? Post it! Post it on your page. Or even just post it on your fridge. Write it down and put it out there somewhere in the world that you’re about to do BIG things!

I’m also big on hiring my own coach to help me level up on whatever fitness or nutrition goal I’ve set for myself in the past. I am the first to admit that I don’t have all of the answers. So I am never above seeking out the knowledge and expertise of a subject matter expert!" - Coach K 

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