What you will need:
A blender
1 serving Chocolate Keto Meal
1 tbsp mint extract
1 C almond milk
10-12 ice cubes (based on preference)
+Optional: A handful of sugar-free chocolate chips

How to make it:
Whew, we made it! I surely thought we were goners- only a rare few can walk past a girl scout booth and not buy 36 boxes to support your local ladies. While these darlings surely mean well, sadly our metabolisms aren't what they used to be and if you're anything like me, 1 cookie will surely turn to 2, which turns into a sleeve, and then lastly the box. Gulp. There goes all of my summer progress! Learn how to make a replica of the fan favorite with our [Get] Thin Mint Cookie shake below.

Much like those girl scouts, this recipe is short and sweet. Take your blender and combine the keto meal, mint extract, almond milk, and ice inside. Once added, blend until all of the ingredients are well mixed!  

Pour your shake into a travel cup, go the store, and march right on by with confidence- you won't be phased after you sip on this!

Approximate macros
Fat: 13g
Net carbs: 5g
Protein: 10g
Calories: 160


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