What is Ignite?
Ignite is the WORLD'S FIRST EXOGENOUS KETONE SPRAY. We have taken our patented ketone technology and created oral ketone spray that delivers BHB to your body almost instantly.

When should I take IGNITE?

Ignite is the perfect solution when you are looking instant energy. Taking it right before a workout or a big event, or to help you get through your last hour of work are great ways to incorporate Ignite into your lifestyle.

What are the serving suggestions for Kegenix IGNITE?
We recommend taking a serving (6 sprays) of Ignite when your body is needing an energy boost. You can take up to 3 servings per day. 

Why is there Sucralose in Kegenix Ignite?
Sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener that is used in our Ignite for flavoring purposes. We use the liquid form of Sucralose which prevents spikes in blood sugar, and is 600 times sweeter than sugar, allowing us to use the minimum amount in possible in our products. (The Ultimate Guide to Keto page 32)

How much BHB is in the Ignite Keto Spray?
There is 100mg of pure BHB delivered sublingually, however, you can’t really look at the Ignite spray in terms of how much BHB you get per dose. This is because the spray is administered sublingually (oral delivery for more rapid absorption) versus taking BHB through a drink like PRIME that is absorbed much more slowly through the intestines. Oral administration allows the spray to work differently providing a very rapid BHB lift when used.

Is there caffeine in Ignite?
Yes, there is a total of 30mg of caffeine per serving (6 sprays).  

How many servings are in the Ignite Keto Spray?
There is a total of 30 servings in one Ignite spray bottle (180 sprays).

Will Ignite put me in the state of Ketosis or raise my ketone levels?
No, since the BHB will get adsorbed right away it will not have a chance to enter your blood stream. 

What is the flavor of the Ignite Keto Spray?
Ignite has a Tangy Citrus flavor making it Keto-licious! 

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